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Are you in need of an accurate and affordable real estate appraisal service from a company you can trust? We are dedicated to providing professional, courteous and prompt service to all our clients. Here at Texas Home Appraisers we employ local appraisers living and working in your market area! Our appraisers have years of experience appraising different types of properties including single and multi family homes and land all over the Greater Houston market area. Our appraisal fees are highly competitive and when it comes to turn times we are hard to beat!

We offer many different types of appraisal services to accommodate most real property valuation requirements. We invite you to explore our entire website so you can understand the services we provide and how we can assist you with your appraisal needs. Should you have questions, or do not see the exact service you need, you can use our online contact form or call us directly at the number listed on this page.

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Houston Area Appraisal Services & Assignment Types


If your appraisal isn’t need for a financial institution then it is considered “non lending use”. The only difference will be the appraisal reporting requirements, with non-lending assignments being completed on an easier to understand general purpose form. The appraisal process and approach to value will be identical. We also recognize that non-lender appraisals typically require less communication between the appraiser and bank officials such as underwriters. For this reason we have discounted rates for most non lender, private use appraisals. Learn more …

Lending / Mortgage

At Texas Home Appraisers LLC we provide our clients with USPAP, FIRREA, FHA/HUD, ERC and FHLMC/FNMA compliant appraisal services. All assignments are completed by well qualified Texas certified appraisers who are familiar with underwriting guidelines compliance. Each appraisal assignment is rigorously reviewed for errors, omission and adherence to client specifications. We offer easy online ordering and digital report delivery in multiple formats. Learn more …

Property Tax Protest

If you believe your Harris, Fort Bend, Liberty, Montgomery or Brazoria county property taxes are too high, we can help you develop evidence to prove so to the local county appraisal district. Our appraisals for tax disputes are one of the few types of data you can present to the county appraisal office that will have any weight in getting your home’s taxed value decreased. Learn more …

Divorce & Separation

A couple’s home is usually the largest asset to be considered during marital dissolution or a separation. Both parties involved will have their own ideas of what it is worth. It is our jobs as appraisers to find a true, unbiased opinion of value that both parties can rely upon. Our appraisers have the experienced required to complete divorce appraisal assignments with the utmost level of professionalism. Regardless of whether the appraisal is ordered by an attorney, an individual involved or an accountant, the assignment will be performed with the same unbiased view of the property and the situation, guaranteeing a fair valuation for all parties involved. Learn more …

PMI Removal

Does your monthly mortgage payment include a charge for PMI? Private Mortgage Insurance, sometimes called Mortgage Insurance Protection, is assessed on loans that have less that 20% (some lenders require 25%) equity in the mortgage.  Mortgage lenders are required by federal law to remove PMI once mortgagees have reach the required equity in their home’s value. So if the requirement is 80%, you need to have paid 20% of your original loan amount. You can delete PMI faster if the appraised value of your home has increased enough to meet the equity requirements. Learn more …

Estate & Probate Matter

Settling an estate is an important and sometimes stressful job. As an executor you have been entrusted to carry out the wishes of the deceased as swiftly and exactly as possible. Settling an estate usually requires an appraisal to establish Fair Market Value for the residential property involved. We are familiar with the procedures and requirements necessary to perform such assignments and to ensure that they meet the requirements of the courts and various agencies. Learn more …

Our Latest Real Estate Articles

comparable sales within an appraisal report

How Do Appraisers Choose Comparable Sales?

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One of the most misunderstood aspects of real estate appraising is how comparable sales are chosen and adjusted. There are certain guidelines that appraisers follow as well as lender imposed restrictions that require the use of comparables that fit specific criteria. Unfortunately, many times these guidelines can results in less accurate conclusions due to the limited data. In the case of non-lender or private appraisal assignments, many appraisers still cling to these guideline even though they are not being imposed – they simply don’t understand how to think outside the box. In this article we take a look at some of those issues and how they affect comp selection.

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Local Market Knowledge

Our home appraisers have performed 1000’s a real estate appraisals in the Houston area. Unlike many “Management Companies” that contract appraisers from out of area to perform assignments, we are located right here in Houston. Our appraisers’ experience within the local market allows us to be faster, more economical and more efficient.

Get Your Appraisal Faster

Quicker Appraisal Reports

For most of our clients, time is of the essence. Whether it is a lender waiting to see if a client’s property is worth enough to qualify for a loan or a homeowner wanting to see what he or she can list their house for, everyone wants their appraisal report yesterday. We get it. In fact, we typically delivery reports 2-3 days FASTER than our competitors.

Better Fee Structure

Competitive Prices

We strive to provide cost effective appraisal services that exceed our customers’ expectations without putting a hole in their wallet! Furthermore, we don’t believe it makes sense for the average person who needs an appraisal to pay the extra expense of using a complicated government form when a standard appraisal form will work just as well.

Clear & Concise Reporting

Technology Driven Reporting

Appraisal reports are delivered via email and contain all the information a client needs to understand how the appraiser concluded the value of a property. These reports are compiled using start of the art software that allow us to pull location & flood maps, census information, cost information, market trends and more. Despite all this information, we strive to make these reports easy to understand while still being full of useful information.

Appraisals for Any Use

All Property Types & Uses

Some appraisal firms only accept assignments for “easy” property types. At Texas Home Appraisers we have the experience to, and actual enjoy, appraising more complex properties. We provide a full service appraisal solution and appraise virtually all residential properties no matter how simple or complex the assignment. These include single-family homes, multi-family homes, duplexes, townhomes, condos, investment properties, lakefront and rural homes.

Individuals & Professionals

We Work With All Client Types

Since we provide our valuation services to the general public as well as industry professionals, we have divide our fee structure into lender and non-lender fees. Lenders almost always require the government issued forms and there’s typically more “back and forth”. But appraisals for private use can be reported using a much easier to understand (and less complicated) general purpose consumer form. So our fees for those assignments are lower, saving clients money.

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Our Coverage Area

We’ve perform over 1,000 residential valuations in the Houston market every year. We provide valuation services across the Greater Houston Metro area including the counties of Harris, Fort Bend, Montgomery, Brazoria and Galveston as well as parts of Liberty & Chambers. Below are some of the markets within our service area. If your area is not listed, please call us and we will see if we can perform appraisals in your area.