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Houston Real Estate Appraisal Fees

Average Home Appraisal Cost in Houston

Below is our current fee schedule for residential appraisals in the Greater Houston area. The list is separated into Non-Lending and Lending/Mortgage use. Please be aware that all fees displayed are for example only – actual appraisal fees will be determined by the complexity of the assignment and property type we are appraising. Some examples of situations that would require an additional fee include, but are not limited to:

  1. Luxury or Custom homes regardless of size and/or location.
  2. Large homes or those with complex floor plans.
  3. Homes requiring the appraiser to calculate extensive damage
  4. Remote locations and/or lack of “Comparable Sales”
  5. Assignments which require additional forms or research

Real Estate Appraisal Fees In Houston Tx


APPRAISAL Fees (on U.R.A.R form)
Single Family Residence (600 – 2,000 sq ft)
Single Family Residence (2,001 – 3,000 sq ft)
Single Family Residence (3,001 – 3,800 sq ft)
Single Family Residence (3,801 – 4,500 sq ft)
Single Family Residence (4,501 – 5,500 sq ft)
Single Family Residence (5,501 – 6,500 sq ft)
Single Family Residence (6,501 – 7,500 sq ft)
Single Family Residence (7,501 – 9,500 sq ft)
$1495 & up-Must
Consult Appraiser
Manufactured/Mobile (Built 2000 or newer only)
Multi Family Residence (2/3/4 units)
Residential Vacant Lot (0 – 1 Acres)
Residential Vacant Land (1 – 5 Acres)
Residential Vacant Land (5 – 20 Acres)
Residential Vacant Land (20 – 100 Acres)
Single Family Residence (CONDO up to 2,000)
Single Family Residence (CONDO over 2,000)
DESKTOP Fees (on DESKTOP form)
Single Family Residence (600 – 2,000 sq ft)
Single Family Residence (2,001 – 3,000 sq ft)
Single Family Residence (3,001 – 3,800 sq ft)
Single Family Residence (3,801 – 4,500 sq ft)

(Note: EXTERIOR/DESKTOP must have recent photos available online or from client)

Single Family Residence (600 – 1,500 sq ft)
($175 Minimum)
Single Family Residence (1,501 – up to 6,500 sq ft)
(SF x $.05 + $100 Base Fee)

Example: Property that is 2900 square feet = (2900 x .05 = $145) + $100 = $245

Base fees listed above are typical properties under normal assignment conditions. Additional fees may apply to the following conditions and are determined on a case-by-case basis:
  1. $100 - Rental Analysis (1007 & 216 form)

  2. $100 - Proposed Construction Appraisal

  3. $50 - Market Areas that lack Comparable Sales.

  4. $50 - Homes with DAMAGE require (cost to cure).

  5. $200 - ARV Addendum (as repaired value)

  6. $100 - Luxury homes with custom features.

  7. $50 - Garage Apt or Additional Quarters

RUSH FEES: (subject to availability & requires appraiser approval)

72 Hour Rush +30%
48 Hour Rush +40%
24 Hour Rush +50%

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Commercial Property Appraisal Fees

* All Commercial Appraisal Assignments Must Be Quoted Individually. Please Call Our Office or Complete the Quote Request Form to Get a Bid.

Non-lender Appraisal Fees

Property Type
Single Family Residence (non-complex, non-rural)
Single Family Residence (complex)
Multi Family Residence (2 to 4 Units)
Residential Land (> 10 Acres)
Residential Desktop Report (No Site Visit)

Bank / Lender Use Appraisal Fees

Property Type
Single Family FNMA Form 1004 (non-complex, non-rural)
Single Family FNMA Form 1004 (complex)
Manufactured/Mobile Home Form 1004C
Single Family Exterior Only Form 2055 (Drive-By)
Single Family Exterior Only Form 2075
Condo FNMA Form 1073
Condo FNMA Exterior Only Form 1075 (Drive-By)
Small Income Form 1025 Multi-Family (2 to 4 units)
Residential Land Form (> 10 Acres)
Single Family Field Review Form 2000
Single Family Desk Review
Update/Completion Form 442 or 1004D
Operating Income & Rent Schedule Form 216

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Appraisal Fees

To ensure you receive the most accurate quote, each potential appraisal assignment is reviewed individually by our staff. Our quoted fee will depend on several factors including complexity of the assignment, intended use, as well as property and market area specifics. By following this process we are able to offer very competitive fees to the general public and real estate professionals alike.