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Skylar Winepol

Texas Home Appraiser was prompt in returning my call and setting up my appointment. The appraiser was on time, courteous, professional and easy to work with. My report arrived via email in a very timely manner and I was overall pleased with their services. Will recommend to anyone that needs an appraisal anywhere in Houston.

Mike Castleberg

We were looking at buying a house cash in Eagle Springs and wanted a fair market value. Searched online and found Texas home appraisers. I just filled the form out online to request services and I received a call back within the hour. I needed a Saturday appointment as the current owners wanted to be present and the appraiser was accommodating. The report, which was delivered on Weds the next week, was very thorough and assuring. Can recommend for sure.

Daniel M. Christensen

I recently inherited a piece of real estate in Houston from a relative. Not being from the area, I had no idea what the value was beyond what the local tax records stated, which I know is often inaccurate. We called around and hired Texas Home Appraisers because they had reasonable fees and the person we spoke with sounded like they knew their stuff. We were instructed to complete an online and include the contact info for a party to meet the appraiser at the property. My niece was able to get scheduled with them in a timely manner and the finalized report was delivered to us a few days later. Despite the long distance nature of the transaction, the process was smooth. A+